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Getting good health doesn’t need to St-Francis-Pharmacy-Corporate-Health-(1).jpg
stop when you go to work. In fact – it mustn’t. We believe good health is part of true happiness (queue music). It’s true if you really think about it (queue thinking). And with so much time spent at the work place – you and your colleagues might as well be happy there.

Let the Saint bring some healthiness to your work.

Whether you’re work place is one, or you’re one of thousands - we can help. We deliver healthiness in the form of first aid kits (customised of course), medicines, exclusive events and corporate health solutions. Our good health partners at St Francis Medical have a great team of doctors and nurses providing pre-employment medicals, flu vaccines - and much more. 

So we're making good corporate health - Easy.

Find out how the Saint can come to your work place and provide a little corporate health goodness. It’s as easy as calling us on 1300 783 726, emailing us, share with us. Or live chat with one of our pharmacists now.

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