But what St Francis Pharmacy can do with the medicines. Ahh. Now there’s the rub. And the tablets. And the capsules. (and so on..) We warehouse all the medicines your family needs. And expects from a trusted Australian pharmacy. All the brands (and non-brands if you prefer) you’ll need to get good health.

With some St Francis Pharmacy added ingredients: A pinch of real servicePrescriptions-Online-Perth-St-Francis-Pharmacy.gif

Medicines are really only of use if they’re carefully selected. Then properly used. And follow up made where  needed. That’s the service part. Good old-fashioned pharmacy (or chemist if you prefer) service. Simply call 1300 783 726 and speak with one of our real pharmacists (or chemists if you still prefer). Easy.

And a smothering of real pharmacy value

Ask about becoming a Saint’s Saver and save even more on your medicines. Free to join, and benefits start immediately. For even more pharmacy value, ask about our no-name, generics medicines. We’ve carefully selected quality suppliers of generic medicines, to give your family not only good health – but great value.

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