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We’re a bit… different. In a good way. We’re an online pharmacy that focuses on the health of people first, not profits. “Yeah, yeah,” you say. But it’s true. We’re a delightful contradiction (like a moreish cough mixture, or Russell Crowe pulling off a believable accent). And we can prove it.

A new, old-fashioned approach to online pharmacy.

It’s ironic, but as our population in Australia grows older and medicine advances, accessing the best health care products and information through most online pharmacies is getting harder. Harder to get personal advice. Harder to understand. Harder to afford. And that’s why our motto is:

Good health made easy.

No jargon. No mercenary hard-sell. Just easy access to the best medicines online, online prescriptions, newest innovations and tailored health advice. We’re talking about good, old-fashioned personalised service with a 21st century twist, whether we’re face-to-face, on the phone, online, on Facebook, live chat… Whatever’s easiest for you, we’re here whenever you need us because we:


Simple as that. Some companies have endless corporate values. We have one – it’s all about care for us. We care about our people, partners, suppliers, the environment and, above all, you and your community. 

Enough talk. The proof is in the pudding. If you need some health information, some personalised advice, a recommendation on which medicine to use, or help tracking down the best health care product, contact us. Call us on 1300 783 726. Email us. Share with us. Or live chat with us.

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