Get Ready for Spring Allergy NOW!


As Australia starts to leave behind the cold temperatures of Winter, we can look forward to the beautiful conditions of Spring. Warmer weather and the Australian flower season will be in full bloom. For  40% of the Australian population1 this also means the start of a horrendous hay fever season. Chances are, you know someone who is affected by hay fever; and with symptoms from daily itchy eyes, watering eyes and nose and constant sneezing - hay fever is a terrible affliction.

At St Francis, we tend to see patients start to present for their 'seasonal allergy treatments' during late August and early September. What most patients don't know, is that with a little planning they can better manage allergy season, and even prevent the symptoms! That means - start planning now.

Here's our 3 best tips to better prevent hay fever symptoms:

Tip 1: Ask us if steroid nasal sprays are suitable for you. The sprays (including names like Telnase, Flixonase or Rhinocort...yep, Rhino..) are excellent at controlling symptoms and even preventing symptoms. The thing to remember with these is - they can take a few days to really kick in and work. SO the earlier you start the better. They may not be suitable for everyone - so ask us if they can help.

Note - these products (in our opinion and experience) have the single biggest impact on controlling of hay fever symptoms. Start using now if you can, and if suitable! 

Tip 2: Ask for the correct diagnosis. Your GP is best to do this, but our pharmacists can certainly diagnose the more common types of allergy. Once you have a handle on which allergy you have, your prevention measures and treatments if necessary will have much greater impact.

Note - if you do speak to your GP, ask them about allergy immunotherapy, or 'desensitisation'. A long term treatment, and will involve a referral - but well worth a look at.

Tip 3: Smear good 'ol vaseline in your nose. Sounds weird right? But what vaseline (or anything similar - even chapstick!) will do is stop the very small pollen particles getting on the skin and starting the allergy response. Give it a try! 

Note - regular showers will also help. The simple 'washing away' of pollen will help reduce exposure and symptoms.


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