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We're YOUR local Australian pharmacy - with prescriptions online! Fully accredited & PBS registered - we dispense & deliver all Australian registered medicines available with an Australian prescription.

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► Delivering to YOU


You'll receive your prescriptions online from us via Australia Post. We track all deliverieis leaving our pharmacy, securely monitoring the distribution of your medicines. Orders received before mid-day will ship same day, Orders receieved after will go out next day. Please note: We do not ship on weekends. 

We use satchels for shipping to save you money. Your order will be packed securely with adequate padding. Packing will be flattened where possible to reduce shipping costs, Occassionaly packging may be damaged in transit but we will make every effort to ensure your products arrive safely.


► Delivering VALUE

You'll automatically become a Saint's Saver Member when buying your prescription - which means Savings! We'll offer the lowest price on your prescription, using the information you supply when buying. 

 Delivering SECURITY

Ordering online with St Francis won't mean loss of personal privacy. Our site is protected by world-class SSL encryption, with next generation technology. We take your health & payment information seriously - you can read more about our privacy policy here.

Post your prescriptions in...for FREE!

Simply place your prescriptions in a normal envelope - no stamp required - to the following address:

St Francis Pharmacy
Reply Paid 84527
SUBIACO PO   WA   6904

Please note:

Our pharmacists may also call you on your preferred contact number to clarify any information provided, to help assist us maximise benefits from your precribed medicine, limiting risk of side effects and interactions.

St Francis Pharmacy only accepts valid Australian prescriptions, written by Australian doctors.

The Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme ('PBS') will control pricing on some prescriptions, and will relate to your own personal profile (we will ask for this information when you first purchase a prescription, and intermittently after). More information on prescription pricing here.

Our goal at St Francis is to help you save time & money on your monthly prescription buying - without compromising on service quality.

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