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The Saint's Best Tips to Save on Prescriptions


We're often asked if there's any tips or tricks to save money on 
prescriptions. As populations grow older, our needs for medicines also grows. So how can we meet this need - without growing our weekly shopping budget?

Here's a few tips - no tricks! - to help save on your weekly budget:


Shop online! We stock ALL the traditional prescription products available at local pharmacies, and carry the same necessary Australian pharmacy registrations. Our lower overheads and economies of scale means we can offer more competitive prices.

When you shop online with St Francis - look for our 'Cheaper Brand Available' mark. If we can find a suitable cheaper prescription brand available we'll always offer as an alternative. 

If you and/or your family are taking multiple medicines, you may qualify for the PBS Safety Net. If you spend over a certain amount in one calender year, you may be able to get the rest of the year's prescriptions for a cheaper amount. Our Saint's Saver Member portal will help you track your spend. For more information email us or call us to discuss.

Sign up to our Saint's Saver "Good Health News" email newsletter. If there are price changes, announcements from government or any other current useful info for our members - it will be in our newsletter.

Start planning for your future health, today. Preventative health strategies, such as exercise, eating healthy fresh/unprocessed foods, reducing alcohol intake and regular check ups with a health professional will save you more than simply $$$. 


If you or a family member would like a St Francis Pharmacist to analyze your medicines, and advise on how to save - email, call or live chat now!


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